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The Legendary Hip-Hop Label

Discover classic hip-hop albums and fresh new sounds from Ruthless Records. We are the legendary record label that brought the world Straight Outta Compton, Eazy-Duz-It, and countless other groundbreaking records. We strive to continue to build on the legacy and are proud to introduce new generations of fans to the groundbreaking artists who changed hip-hop forever. Our mission is to preserve the history and culture of Ruthless, share information about the artists we have produced over the years, and nurture new talent.

The Ruthless Story

Ruthless Records is considered one of the most successful independent music labels.  Officially founded in 1987 by the late Eric "Eazy-E" Wright with $7,000 of his own money, 5,000 twelve-iches of his single "The Boyz-N-The Hood" and a maverick spirit, the ground work for the label was formed.  The enterprising 23-year-old sold more than 500,000 copies throughout South Central Los Angeles by word of mouth alone and his nonconformist methods remain the cornerstone of the Ruthless Legacy today.

The label is currently run by his widow, Tomica Woods-Wright. Ms. Woods-Wright has been involved in licensing and publishing music for more than 20 years. In addition to her role as president and CEO of Ruthless, she oversees several other companies that focus on merchandise, publishing, and film production. Contact us for more information on music and licensing.

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